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Rainforest catastrophe

Rainforest catastrophe

Everything was blurry. The miniscule fragment of plane wing made me petrified. The towering trees were as giant as the biggest monument in the world. Cautiously, I plodded out of the demolished plane, wondering if I was the only survivor. Flames waltzed in front of me. A faint sound of Scarlet macaw filled my ears. Above me, vines dangled and thorns were tangled. I was relieved and crestfallen at the same time. Crying, I limped through the eerie ash. Surrounding me, the majestic trees stood tall and proud. The poison dart frogs choaked.


It was my entire fault. I should never have jumped up and down like an energetic kangaroo on the plane. Limping, I wandered around the misty jungle, seeing if I could find a way to get help and get home safely and sit warm and snug on the sofa. All of a sudden, I had a thrilling idea. Although it would take a while, it was worth a try. I would build a canoe with logs I could find and sail across the Amazon River to find another way home.


I trekked along the dusty path, looking for the right sized logs to make a canoe to sail across the huge Amazon River. Luckily, I had a ball of old, filthy string to use to tie the logs together from underneath an old grey rock. After about an hour, I had found all the equipment I needed and made the useful canoe. It was a hazel brown with a ruby red sail and was really pretty.


As I sailed like a clumsy sailor on their first time at sea, I floated across the immense lake. Trees, like towering monuments, brushed past my weak, weary body. Vicious piranhas aimed at my flimsy boat and tried to saw it in half with their razor teeth but I battled against them bravely and defeated every single one of them. It was magnificent, not like anything I had ever seen before back home. Slowly, I brushed my hand gently along the flowing stream. At one time I almost sank but even that wouldn’t stop me. After metres, miles and kilometres of canoeing, I finally arrived at the other side of the river - I thought my journey was over but it wasn’t.


Now I had to catch a plane home. Suddenly, I knew how to get home in the safest way without being attacked. I knew that Auntie Jemma was just in a hotel down the road for a relaxing vacation.


I journeyed to her house as the gentle breeze made my hair sway. We gently drove to the airport, and when it was our turn, we hurried to board the plane as fast as we could. We stepped onto the plane. Fluffy white clouds floated around. I didn’t particularly like the airplane food but I ate it anyway. We talked the whole time about whatever we wanted and when the stewardess came to tell us that the flight was over, we were rather disappointed. It felt really bumpy at the end though. In the airport, it was so busy and there was a taxi to take us to stay at Auntie Jemma’s house as my mum would pick me up the next day. I liked the adventure but I’m not sure I want to go there again.

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