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Haiti Earthquake Part 3

Haiti Earthquake Part 3

Haiti Earthquake


After a year only 5% of the rubble has been cleared and only 15% of the required basic and temporary houses have been built. House building on a large scale cannot be started before the enormous amount of rubble is cleared. As of June 2011, 1.2 million people had benefited from water provision receiving more than 4,200 cubic metres of water daily. Between February and November 2010 240,000 people were employed through Cash/Food-for-Work schemes through 231 projects.


As of January 2011 no major reconstruction had started.


2+ Years


1000s of earthquake-affected families were provided with agricultural assistance during the past three cropping seasons, this included 4,000 tons of crop seeds, 2,378 million roots and tubers, 179,000 banana plants, 16.5 tons of vegetable seeds, 239,000 hand tools, 24,000 tons of fertilizer and 170 tons of compost.


Number of new cholera cases registered per month dropped from 84,391 in November 2010 to 13,419 in October 2011, In the 15 months since the disease erupted, more than 522,000 people have contracted the disease leading to more than 7,000 deaths, Schools are being rebuilt, and some residents are now beginning to move out of the encampments, rediscovering a sense of community. But jobs and a sense of security remain elusive.


Only 43% of the $4.5billion had been delivered and even less had been spent, 18% went to the Haitian government and most went to the 20,000 charities operating in the conuntry, if the full amount had arrived then all affected Haitians would have received a $37,000 cheque. About half of the 10 million cubic feet of quake debris has been removed from Port-au-Prince and other areas. More people have access to clean water in the capital than before the quake. With investment from a Korean garment maker, an industrial park is being built with the promise of 20,000 jobs. But, nearly half a million vulnerable people are still living under canvas, plagued by violence, rain, floods and the threat of eviction. Of those not living in camps, many still shelter in houses in need of repair or outright demolition. 6,000+ latrines and 2,800 showers are functioning in displacement sites, approximately 1 million households have received water chlorination products and 415,000 have received soap. 800,000 Haitians are living without electricity, 500,000 can’t read or write, and 8 out 10 live on less than $2 a day.



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