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I wait until the first icicle falls; there it is, tumbling towards the snow, light as a feather. I’m off, treading over snow-covered stones, flying past each thing in sight. I’m not sure if my house is near here but I guess it is. To my left the lake is a pool of ice, ducks are sliding across it.


As I keep on trudging along, I remember what Sir Gerald had told me, “My dear child, I have a great job for you. Go to Mount Paulinus and find a tulip, it will be a sign of spring. On your journey, bring back Mary; she is a widow who lives in the village on the hill. When you find her and the tulip, come back immediately,” he had ordered when I bumped into him when I was having a walk for fresh air.


Slowly but surely, I begin to approach Surlina village, an instant sign that Mount Paulinus is near. Although I am in my new, snug coat, a breezy wind comes and makes me tremble like jelly. Suddenly, a small rumble comes from Mount Paulinus, worrying me terribly. Should I even bother going up the snow-capped mountain where all was sugar-white and everything you touched made you freeze?  What would happen if I went up there? Even though I don’t have a watch, I know it is getting late as the sun begins to set, leaving a trail of colours behind it. It's truly beautiful, but something just isn’t right. I know I have to keep going, I can't let Sir Gerald down. 


 Finally, I reach the mountain. All of a sudden, a huge wage of snow comes tumbling down the mountain, fast as a race car, scary as a monster. All I can hear is the screaming of people running away from the avalanche, probably thinking that they are going to end their lives. Then, a lady with blonde hair and blue eyes comes pacing towards me and she says that her name was Mary. Without a warning, an immense pile of snow comes tumbling towards me and I get buried in it like a tortoise in its shell. “Come on, I know a way out!” Mary cries, scrambling towards a big dip in the ground below me.



The tunnel (the huge dip in the ground) is rugged and makes my knees bleed but I know I can’t give up. It seems like I will never see the light of day again. Suddenly, I spot it. A circle of light is getting closer and closer until finally I reach the end of the tunnel. As I come out, Sir Gerald is standing in front of me and Mary and says, “Good job. You did what you asked me to do. Now farewell.”


Now I am lying in my bed, remembering the most exciting things that have happened in my life. I know it is the story that I call frostbite. The one that I will never forget.

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