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Zara-Grace Eyoma

Zara-Grace Eyoma


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About Me: Hi, my name is Zara-Grace. I like writing for Kingsnews because it gives me confidence and an avenue into a world of fantasy. I am 9 years old, with an interest in literature. Thank you for this opportunity and I really, truly hope you enjoy my articles! Thanks!!

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Colours Of Life

Colours Of Life

Colours of Life                                                   


Colours sour in the skies,

Colours tangle through trees,

Colours soak up all the flowers,

Colours buzz with the bees.


Colours fill the world with happiness,

Separating right from wrong,

Colours protect all nature’s family,

Colours bloom in the songs.


Grey and blue floats in the air,

Black flies through the night,

Pink floods through the roses,

Yellow and orange beam in the gold sunlight.


Red velvet is a Chinese tradition,

Green is the vegetable, peas,

Brown chocolate drinks sooth any illness,

White is quite like the seas.


Purple is hatred and jealousy,

Darkness you cannot see,

The opposite of gorgeous love,

Different kinds of souls to be.


Fuzzy colours make you feel warm,

Prickly colours make you feel cold, 

Uncomfortable colours make you feel upset, but...

Comfortable colours make you feel like a bright bulb.


Colours are the art of the world,

Special in every way,

Poured into all you observe,

You don’t even have to pay! 





My poem is about all the creative colours of the world, and what they mean. I think they are beautiful, and I paired them up with feelings and nouns. They can have more things to describe them, but I thought this was a good start to a poem like this. 


I personally think, colours are more than just, shades of light and darkness. They express the appearance of the world. Without them, we would not know what was living and what is artificial, what is not living... I’ve seen some pictures people made, to show what they think the world would look like, without colours. I looked at the images carefully, studying them with my eyes, and then, I realised something. It’s mostly GREY and BLACK, but those are COLOURS! They may be dark colours, but they still count as colours. You use colours without realising it! They’re everywhere!


Colours are very important to the world, to the universe. Colours are a big source of vision, we SEE it. It’s an observance source of the human eye. Appreciate them!


Thank you for reading my poem and description of colours. Enjoy!


PS: Did you know? You can make many colours, just by using the three primary colours. Red, blue and yellow are the primary colours. They are what start the amazing colour system.


By Zara GNE

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