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Anastassia Puttnam

Anastassia Puttnam


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About Me:Hello my name is Anastassia Puttnam and I am one of the writers for kings news.I am always smiling and tremendously determined to do anything that is thrown at me. Furthermore people describe me as a quirky character with whacky ideas...that's why I now write these stories. However when I grow up I have always really wanted to be a doctor/heart surgeon, so thats my aim :)

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Chapter One


Jacob was an ordinary boy who was enjoying his ordinary Saturday morning. Nevertheless, he was tremendously clumsy and definitely NOT responsible. In spite of this, he wanted a pet - not a cat, not a dog, not a fish but a...Toucan! He has always been extremely protective of all wildlife and domestic animals. Unfortunately, his father was allergic to cat and dog hair and his mother couldn't stand the smell of fish; she wouldn't even go near one. As a result, he opted to ask to have a Toucan! They owned a huge house and had enough room in the garden to build an enclosure, (they also had enough money to!) They didn't mind him having a Toucan, but they were worried that he would struggle and get bored after a while. As he insisted that he would care for him/her every day, Jacobs’s parents set him a difficult challenge to enable him to try and proceed in getting a Toucan! 


Chapter Two


Eggs, eggs, eggs - that is what his parents gave him to treasure for a whole fortnight. He had to take them everywhere he went (not to school due to the fact he was on his 6 week holiday! Woooo whoooo!) Even to his football club! When his Mum and Dad told Jacob about his challenge, he was over the moon and it didn't phase him that the eggs might break or that if they did he wouldn't get a pet - he just took it all in his stride and prepared himself for the 'time of his life’. (In the hope of winning himself a pet) So off he went!


Chapter Three


To start off with, his Mum and Dad gave him an extremely simple tidy his room; which was disturbingly messy and smelt of revolting unclean socks. As you can see, he was certainly not responsible; nevertheless, he had to carry a 'raw egg' in his Mum’s favourite bag. (And if that wasn't enough pressure, the bag was his Mum’s wedding present from his Dad!) Thinking tactfully, he secretly boiled egg whilst he was home alone and his parents were out visiting his Grandma!


Nevertheless, his parents were keeping a Beady eye on him. Once he had boiled the egg he placed the egg in the bag and Jacob started to clean his filthy room from top to toe. One hour later, he had completed his first mission! He thought he was being responsible by doing what's best for the eggs’ other words the toucan, of course. Soon after, his parents walked in with a small bag of sweets from Jacob’s Nan...or so he thought. (When his Mother and Father had seen that their son had finished his room, they ran to the shop and picked up some of his favourite sweets of all time!) When they gave them to him, he was delighted!



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Chapter Four


Later that day his parents gave him another task, it was to bath the egg in freezing cold water. However, he had to put his roller skates on and lean over the bath. As he placed the egg into the bath, a small splash of water jumped out of the water and touched him violently on his nose. Then, a short sharp scratch flew down his spine and made him shiver and shake like he was in the Antarctic. Suddenly, he froze and his teeth started to snap together repetitively, CLATTER, CLATTER! Also, it wasn't helping that he was rolling all over the place because of his skates.


Meanwhile, his parents were watching him again sneakily and they were rather impressed! Jacob pulled the soap out of the cupboard and began to smother the soap over his egg, then carefully and gently washed it off and soon after he decided to pick him up, but then suddenly slipped and went head first into the water. Fortunately, he dodged the egg as he fell. As a result, the egg was unharmed! He wrapped the egg up in a towel and placed him on his bed, whilst Jacob went and put a towel around him...


Chapter Five 


"FOOTBALL" yelled Jacob as he sprung out of bed, but then "EGGS...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." He had to take the egg to football without breaking it...'impossible' he thought ‘impossible'.

As he brushed his teeth and washed his face, his Mum and Dad walked up the stairs slowly. “Oh no", reflected Jacob “they must have found out that I boiled the egg!” Suddenly they said that he was doing extraordinarily well. Jacob’s jaw dropped to the floor (metaphorically speaking) and he blushed with a perplexed look in his eyes. Later that day, he met up with his friends at the club and they began to kick the ball to each other, whilst Jacob clutched the egg tightly in his hand. Without warning, a large obese boy came running towards him and made him topple over like a domino!


As he glanced down at the egg, he that saw a small crack had appeared in the shell of the egg and his eyes bulged out of his head, he started to snivel and ran home as fast as he could. Meanwhile, his parents where relaxing on the sofa watching ‘101 things to make and eat and do with EGGS’! Jacob walked into his house quietly and then ran upstairs, he found a long plaster to stick over the crack. Three days passed and the challenges just kept on coming, over and over again; such as, make the dinner with the egg, go shopping for groceries with the egg and paint the stair banisters with the egg! After a few days, the egg began to smell of rotten cheese and rubbish bins. So he washed it and washed it and washed until the egg enamel had worn off...nothing happened. Therefore, he had to put up with the dreadful smell!


Chapter Six


Last challenge, last chance! But it is going to be difficult...

Jacob had to walk around the park 15 times whilst dragging the egg around in a four wheeled roller skate. It may sound easy however, his local park is gargantuan and there aren’t any paths there, only bumpy grass! When he was about to go, his Mum and Dad got their coats and walked out of the door with them. This was because they were going to try their hardest to put him off as he walked.


Not long after, they got to the park and began to walk. His parents kept walking in front of him so he nearly fell over and the egg wobbled furiously! Five laps later, they were all worn out nevertheless; Jacob continued to run around and around the huge park, bumping along was the egg, which nearly fell out a couple of times. His parents tried to throw ice cream at him and he nearly dropped the egg out of the skate again. Soon they were on their last lap and then, suddenly, out of the blue, he tripped. Jacob tripped and the egg went flying, flying, flying through the air and splat!


He burst into tears, but his parents comforted him and as he had his head bowed down low, his Mother and Father took him into the pet shop whilst he was oblivious! Then he opened his eyes and he didn't see a toucan, he saw a budgie ...he was over the moon and his parents said that he wasn't allowed a toucan yet because they wanted to see if he could handle a smaller bird first!


The End 




By the way 5 years later his budgie unfortunately died, but had lived a happy life. By then, he had earned his parents trust and then got his toucan!


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