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For young people, written by young people.


That's right! King’s is a not-for-profit magazine fuelled with education-based information for children, written by young people just like you!


Inspired by Collin, the man with the idea, our project is rapidly approaching its one year anniversary, and what a year it’s been! We’ve gathered a team of enthused writers who have brought all their knowledge and research to the table, and have created a huge plethora of articles for you to explore. Within our categories you can discover everything from the intricate web of International Relations to the wonders of the Ancient World; from wacky Science experiments to entirely bizarre Animals. Indeed, from Charities to Arts and Crafts, King’s News has something to ignite all your imaginations!


Talking of imaginations, you can find the product of some truly talented ones in our Creative Writing category, where our youngest writers, Emma and Anastasia, regularly contribute some wonderful stuff for your and our entertainment and pleasure. At only twelve, these girls prove to all that age is no hindrance when you have a passion for writing. Or a passion for anything for that matter!


Young people have every opportunity to be creative and be noticed for it. Our team include six University level authors, and three Secondary level authors, all with a burning desire to write and be read. We know this does not make us unique however, and so we have opened up our writing platform to everyone! By registering with our magazine online, you have the opportunity to send in your articles or stories to our editors, and they will publish your work!


All you need to do is write your piece and send it in to us via our website. The best of the best will be picked by the team and published to our website for everyone to see. And, if you prove yourself to be a truly passionate and skilled writer, you may be asked to join the team! So, to all you budding writers out there, get cracking!


Hope you enjoy reading!

Kind Regards,

The King's News Team

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